Our Books Celebrate Distinctive Communities

Our books celebrate special communities and the creativity of the architects and home owners who appreciate excellent design. The first book features sixty-six distinctive homes located throughout Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The second book features fifty-six homes all located on the shores of Lake Geneva, WI. The third book will feature 46 homes located throughout Naples, FL. All these books are lavishly illustrated and are sure to be a treasure for any connoisseur of fine home design.

Volume III - Naples, FL - Distinctive Gulf Community:

We are excited about being ion the midst of this 'pride piece' for the gorgeous Naples community. This is our third 224-page, tabletop book, ‘Distinctive Homes Of America, Volume III – Naples, FL' (with the preliminary cover inserted). We anticipate having only 45 distinctive homes featured in the Naples book. We are just now concluding our home selections, so the ‘nominations are closed'. 


How are the homes chosen? Distinctive indicates homes with unique character and typically designed by a talented architect as 'one-of-a-kind.' When you invest weeks of walking, driving and boating around Naples, as I did, these homes standout as being different in a positive way. All of the homes are tastefully designed with a sensitivity to the homeowners' design program, site, timing and budget. We purposely seek a wide variety of architectural styles, sites and sizes of the homes.

Volume IV - Lake Geneva, WI - Distinctive Lake Community:

Lake Geneva is located in the state's sotheatern corner in the center of a triangle formed by Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison. Most of the Distinctive Homes on the lake are owned by successful people from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. 


The Potawatomi Indians called the lake "Kishwauketo" meaning "clear or sparkling water". Now its well-desrved reputation for pristine, clear, spring-fed water attracts boat lovers and water enthusiasts from all over the world. Little wonder that the lake's luxury, serenity and fun attract over a million visitors annually.


Geneva Lake is the correct name for the lake, but the town on the east end is Lake Geneva. Most everyone refers to the whole area around the lake as Lake Geneva. And anyone can walk the unique, public, 21-mile foot path around the entire lake. 

Volume I - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Distinctive Beach Community:

Ponte Vedra Beach (PVB) is a beautiful, vibrant, year-round resort community on the Atlantic Ocean, nestled in the northeast corner of Florida (right over the Georgia line). It is home to the world's premier golf & tennis organizations (the PGA & the ATP), THE PLAYERS Championship, world-class four and five diamond beach front resorts, a vibrant financial services industry, and some of FL's very best public schools.


PVB's affluence and desireability has produced many beautiful and distinctive homes - in a wide variety of styles. The sixty-six homes featured in this book represent the finest one percent of the most distinctive homes in the community: homes that are extraordinarily beautiful or unique and stand out as being exceptional in a positive way.

Dustjacket of 224-page, table top book with 700 colored pictures..

Glenn D. Hettinger, AIA, ICAA

GDH Architects, P.A.
38 Valencia Street, Suite 200
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082




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AIA Jacksonville Award:

Glenn was recognized at the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Awards Gala with the 'President's Award for Outstanding Achieve-ment'  for the creation of his first table top book on Ponte Vedra Beach.

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Photographing homes is in Glenn's DNA. He is an award winning architectural photographer who loves his craft and can't stop taking pictures of buildings - especially homes! As a registered architect for 35 years, he recognizes the fine details that make a home distinctive - and he is wonderfully adept at capturing them with his lens. He is especially good at determining the most exciting and enhancing angles from which to shoot. 


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